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Cable Accessories Ltd was founded in 1985 as a Raychem distributor initially specialising in Wire, Tubing and Harnessing components to the Electronics, Telecom and Energy industries. Over time we have extended our expertise to provide solutions for Medical manufacturing, Telecom fibre networks, Industrial heating applications and Leak detection systems.

In Ireland , we currently supply over 1300 companies across multiple disciplines including OEMs, Automotive, Telecom Service Providers and Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors.

We provide all our customers with dedicated technical sales engineers and offer next day delivery from stock, materials scheduling for Production Line requirements and full technical support services.

Cable Accessories Ltd is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Cable Accessories Ltd, is division of the Cable Accessories Group of Companies, that also includes Cable Accessories plc, CSI Manufacturing Ltd. and Industrial Control Ltd.

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