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Heat Shrink Cable Markers

Raychem offers Industry's widest range of polymer-based heat-shrink and tie-on type wire and cable identification solutions that boast superior performance, extended size range, mechanical and chemical strength for an array of applications.



TMS-SCE Military grade heat shrinkable wire identification sleeves
CM-CSE Polyolefin tie-on cable marker tags
HS 2:1 Shrink ratio heat shrinkable wire identification sleeves
HL Tie-on cable marker tags
HT-SCE High temperature, low outgassing heat shrinkable wire identification sleeves
HTCM-SCE High temperature tie-on-cable marker tags
HX-SCE High performance low fire hazard identification solution
HLX Low fire hazard cable marker tags
HLX-NEL Narrow edge low fire hazard tie-on cable marker tags
D-SCE Fluid resistant computer-printable permanent wire identification sleeves
NMX Flame retarded polyaramid cable marker tags
RPS Commercial grade wire identification sleeves
NBC-SCE Nuclear, biological and chemical heat shrink wire identification sleeves
TS-CCUV Heat-shrinkable UV protection sleeves with exceptional clarity and stability for use with TMS System Six identification sleeves and cable markers

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