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Heat Shrink Tubing

The Raychem brand of tubings are made of polyolefins, fluoropolymers and elastomers enhanced by radiation cross-linking and heat-shrinkability. When heated during installation our tubings shrink to conform to virtually any shape.

They provide dependable insulation, chemical and mechanical protection, strain relief, seals and identification in a wide variety of applications and environments.

Available in many sizes, constructions, lengths and colours to meet both commercial and military specifications. Our tubings can also be customised for special applications.

Click Here for our Heat Shrink Tubing Selection Guide or contact us for Technical Datasheets.


Single wall tubings are available in thin-wall, medium wall and thick-wall versions, and you can choose from tubings that are highly flexible or semi-rigid. These tubings are designed for operation in high or low temperature environments, and can also be halogen-free and flame-retardant to meet a range of industry standards.

Single Wall Products

  • CGPT
  • CRN
  • DCPT
  • LSTT
  • RNF-100
  • RNF-3000
  • RP-4800



Dual wall tubings offer all of the above characteristics together with an inner wall. This can be in the form of either an adhesive or an encapsulant, which melts and flows during installation, to seal and protect against environmental damage.

Dual Wall Products

  • ATUM
  • DWP-125
  • ES1000
  • ES2000
  • FL2500
  • HTAT
  • SCL
  • SCT
  • TAT-125



The Altera family of medical-grade tubing products is specifically designed to fulfill various application requirements found in medical devices and components. Altera medical-grade tubing products are qualified to the stringent requirements of USP Class VI . The products offer strain relief, excellent electrical insulation and are compatible with gamma and ETO sterilization.

Medical Grade Products

  • MicroFit
  • MT1000
  • MT2000
  • MT3000
  • MT5000



A variety of products from heat shrinkable fabric to adhesive lined end-caps, each with unique properties for applications that may require abrasion protection, chemical resistance, fluid and heat resistance, cut-through protection and flame retardant performance.

Special Purpose Products

  • DR-25
  • ES Caps
  • HF
  • HFT5000
  • PD Caps
  • RayBlock105
  • RT-375
  • RW-175
  • SST
  • Viton®
  • ZH-100

For further information please email: David Mac Ewan

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