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Tyco Thermal Trace Heating

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Electric Under Floor Heating

Raychem offers unique systems which improve the comfort and safety of underfloor heating. With 3 systems to choose from, there is a Raychem smart solution for every application: renovation or new construction.

T2 Red - The intelligent, self-regulating, underfloor heating solution.

This self-regulating system senses other heat sources such as solar Radiation and automatically adjusts its heat output accordingly. More heat is produced in colder areas and less heat in warmer areas such as under furniture.

T2 Red +T2 Reflecta - The energy-saving underfloor heating solution.

This system combines the self-regulating T2 Red Cable with grooved, thermally insulated T2 Reflecta plates. The extra thermal insulation and aluminium cover provides an even heat distribution, reduces heat losses and gives extra energy-savings of 20%.

T2QuickNet – The thin, self-adhesive heating mat.

The ideal solution for renovation especially for tiled floors.Only 3mm thick the mat can be laid directly into the filler or tile adhesive.There are 2 heat outputs available, 90W/m 2 or 160W/m 2 for faster heat up times.

Click Here for a full explanation of the Raychem Underfloor Heating systems

For further information please email: Nigel Leeson

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