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TraceTek Leak Detection

   TraceTek Introduction      Alarm Panels  
   Water Detection      Chemical Detection  
   Oil and Fuel Detection      Organic Solvent Detection  
   Refrigerant Gas Detection    

Oil and Fuel Detection

With environmental legislation tightening the controls required for the storage and handling of hydrocarbon based liquids, the TraceTek cable technology ensures that even a teaspoon-sized leak is detected and located to within a metre, with better than 0.1% accuracy.

TT5000 Sensor Cable

  • Detects a leak at any point along its entire length
  • Does not react to water, only hydrocarbon based liquids
  • One-time Exposure only, Used section must be replaced after leak
  • Modular lengths of 0.3m, 1.5m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m, 15m, & 30m that simply clip together to form the total length required. Bulk reels also available on request.

Click Here for the TT5000 Technical Datasheet

AT-OPSEN Optical Oil Sensor

  • Capable of detecting fuels, oils, chemicals and water
  • IP67 polycarbonate enclosure with simple terminal connections
  • Multiple units can be inter-linked on one circuit, all uniquely identified
  • Requires 12Vdc power supply

Click Here for the AT-OPSEN Technical Datasheet

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Click Here for the range of System Accessories

For further information please email: Nigel Leeson

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