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TraceTek Leak Detection

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Refrigerant Gas Detection

Refrigerant gas leak detection has become a high priority for many companies in this environmentally sensitive age, especially considering the increasing price of refrigerant gas, not to mention emergency service call-out costs to find, detect and repair leaks of freon, HFC's HCFC's, plus the wasted man-hours that can be incurred.

Installation of refrigerant gas leak detectors is becoming an increasingly vital concern in today's workplace. When you couple that to the depleting ozone layer, it becomes apparent that it is everyone's responsibility to prevent further damage to the environment.

AquiTron ™ has developed a number of systems for all environments to detect
  • Refrigerant Gases (Hydrocarbons, HFCs, HCFCs, CFCs)
  • All Combustible Gases
  • Toxic Gases (Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide etc)
  • VOC Gases (Ethanol, Acetone etc)

Click Here for the full range and Technical Details of the Gas Sensing Systems

Click Here for details of the EC Regulations on Ozone Depleting Substances (EN 378)


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